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A Christ-centered education that prepares students 

for excellence as life-long disciples.


Cottage Hill Christian Academy celebrates a 60+ year tradition of cultivating authentic relationships and community. 

We prayerfully partner with families to develop tomorrow’s servant leaders today. 



Student/Teacher Ratio

$5.2 Million

scholarships earned by class of 2022


of Class of 2023 has applied to college




Our preschool program is full of fun, engaging, and developmentally appropriate activities that build a strong foundation for your child's education journey. Our curriculum helps our students receive age-appropriate introductions to social studies, science, math, handwriting, phonics, and reading. Our staff is dedicated to working with parents for each child's enjoyable development. Interwoven in our curriculum are the biblical principles of faith and trust in God, respect for others, self, and the world around them. As we work together on these principles, we hope to foster a lifelong love for learning.


Elementary School


1st-4th Grade 

Our lower school offers hands-on learning for our students. Teachers strive to make school an exciting, inviting, creative, fun, and intellectually stimulating place to grow. We enhance our curriculum with Biblical integration in each subject area. Cottage Hill Christian Academy offers a well-balanced academic program complete with weekly classes in Spanish, music, library, computer, art, and daily PE or band classes.


Intermediate School


5th-6th Grade

In 2021, Cottage Hill Christian Academy shifted to an Intermediate School model for our 5th and 6th grades. This is a great opportunity for our 5th and 6th-grade students to make a transition from lower school to middle school. We offer a well-balanced academic program complete with weekly classes in Spanish, music, library, computer, art, and daily PE or band classes.


Middle School


7th-8th Grade

At Cottage Hill Christian Academy, middle school includes 7th and 8th grades. Along with traditional class offerings, Bible is a required course at all middle school grade levels. Advanced placement in mathematics classes in 7th and 8th grade is achieved through pre-algebra and algebra courses, and high school credit is available through our 8th-grade Spanish course. A wide variety of extra-curricular activities are available for students. These opportunities include academics, athletics, technology, fine arts, and other areas of interest for our students. Extra-curricular activities afford our students the opportunity for the county, district, and state competitions.


High School


9th-12th Grade

The faculty strives to inspire students to think critically while continuing to develop spiritually. Upon completion of the college preparatory curriculum, students leave Cottage Hill Christian Academy academically and spiritually prepared to be confident and competent servant leaders. In all academic disciplines, we offer a spectrum of academic levels from college prep to Advanced Placement.  All courses emphasize content mastery and the development of higher-order thinking skills. Our objective is to equip students for college and to inspire lifelong learners.


College Advising 


At Cottage Hill Christian, we provide an advising program that assists our 9th-12th grade students in keeping on track for graduation, ACT testing, and the college admissions process.