At C.H.C.A., we strive to spark kinesthetic learning by offering a variety of technologies in the classroom. Lifetime technology learning starts with our faculty and staff, who lead our students with hands-on applications.

Technology Philosophy
God is to be honored as we use technology to learn and grow in excellence. Technology learning is a lifetime endeavor, and as responsible digital citizens, we strive to continually learn. Students are guided in using technology in a safe; ethical; and above all, Godly manner. Students are taught to follow ethical and moral principles when using the Internet. Internet access on both campuses is filtered to restrict the types of content students can access. Students in K2 through 8th grade are learning technology based on the C.H.C.A. Technology Scope and Sequence Curriculum Guide, which is continually updated to reflect changes in technology.

Technology Tools
Both campuses have a computer lab equipped with Windows®-based computers with filtered Internet access and a variety of software, including Microsoft Office and photo and video processing tools. Additionally, both campuses have a laptop cart to be used in the classrooms. The Church Campus lab also utilizes touch typing software to help improve students' keyboarding skills. Teachers on both campuses are equipped with computers and filtered Internet access to aid in developing lesson plans and enhancing their prescribed curriculums by allowing the use of such tools as education software, computer-based presentations, and online educational videos. On the Church Campus, the library and elementary classrooms are equipped with computers that utilize Accelerated Reader and STAR Reading software to test students' reading levels. The InformationNOW Student Information System is a virtual grade book used by the faculty on both campuses to communicate lesson plans and student performance to the families of our students. Filtered Internet access and secure wireless network connections are available on both campuses. Students on both campuses are able to utilize the Internet connection for research and other educational purposes.


Technology Curriculum

• K2 meets for 15 minutes once per week.
• K3 & K4 meet for 20 minutes once per week.
• K5 meets for 30 minutes once per week.

Preschool computer lessons are coordinated with the themed curriculum. Our preschool students learn to use the Internet in a safe and Godly manner, and only with parental permission. They also learn the basic computer components and safe use with adult permission. Proper mouse usage is taught through using Microsoft Paint and age-appropriate learning games. Preschool students learn letters, numbers, phonics, and lesson curriculum through interactive educational computer games.

• 1st - 5th grade meet for 30 minutes once per week.

Elementary classes are taught basic computer skills relating to the graphical interface of the Windows Operating System. They also learn basic usage of such programs as the Microsoft Office Suite, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint; and graphics and photo editing software, such as Adobe PhotoShop. Students also improve their typing skills by utilizing Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing and various online keyboarding utilities and games. Our elementary students further their Internet navigation skills while still being instructed in supervised, safe, ethical, and Godly online practices. S.A.T. preparation software, Accelerate Reader, and STAR Reading round out the technology-based learning experience for our elementary students.

Middle School
• 6th - 8th Grade Students may take Computer as an elective.

Middle School students in the Computer elective learn safe and Godly online research methods, and learn to utilize the many features of the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) to complete technology-based projects. Middle School students also continue to work on their keyboarding skills utilizing Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing and various online keyboarding resources. Students are afforded the opportunity to expand their creative side through the utilization of Adobe PhotoShop and Microsoft MovieMaker. Middle Schoolers will also learn about the inner workings of the computer and get a basic introduction to programming. Students will also explore the different technology careers that are available.

High School
• 9th - 12th Grade Students are required to have a computer component elective.

High School students have different technology courses available. These courses all present practical application of technology, ranging from a Computer Application course that explores utilization of the Microsoft Office Suite to courses that cover web development and journalistic applications of technology.

Other Technology-based Offerings
• Research Technologies: Students in the 6th grade learn to utilize computer and Internet based resources to perform research on various topics.

• Robotics Club: Students who sign up for the Robotics Club will help build and program a robot for a robotics competition.

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