Super Reader Week


Volunteer as a Guest Reader

We are in the process of looking for community members to volunteer their time to serve our students as guest readers.  To continue prioritizing high levels of health and safety, our daily readers will join our classrooms live, via Zoom.  Guest readers are asked to read a short story to one preschool or elementary class, and each session only requires about ten minutes of your time.  The purpose of Super Reader Week is to highlight the importance of early childhood literacy and to create excitement about reading.

This year’s theme is “Readers are Worldwide”, celebrating the unifying nature of reading across cultures, languages, and physical distances.  While not required, we encourage all guest readers to incorporate our theme into their stories. As Christians, we also know the importance of reading and sharing God’s word, the Bible, across the world.

If you are interested in participating as a guest reader, please email me at and include a good date and time period that best fits your schedule. Thank you for taking the time to consider this opportunity and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

Join us on Super Reader Night- November 5, 2020

Super Reader Night will look a bit different, but we are prepared for a night of fun and reading! 

All visitors will be screened at the door and assigned a tour group to “travel the world”. Face coverings will be required for all guests 1st grade and older. 

Story rooms will be held in large spaces to accommodate multiple families while practicing social distancing. Grade levels will combine efforts this year to provide a high-quality experience the larger space. 

Upon arrival, families will be guided through the four regional story rooms.  Regional tours will begin at 5:00, rotating every 15-20 minutes.  These tours will be guided by our amazing preschool and elementary teachers.  At 6:40, all groups will join in the CHBC Worship Center to hear our Super Reader. 

The theme, Readers are Worldwide, is intended to celebrate the unifying quality of reading.  Reading spans the divide of cultures, languages, physical barriers, and more. More so, we as Christians are challenged to take God’s written word, the Bible, to the ends of the Earth.   

We look forward to you joining us on this reading tour of United States Folk, Central and South America, Africa, Asia, and Europe.  Come hungry, as local food trucks like Bob’s Burger Caboose and Frozen Amigos will be selling dinner and desert!  Your tour will also take you by the Scholastic Book Fair.  So come ready for fun, food, and reading!

Planning for success

Buy  a Super Reader T-Shirt

Join us in celebrating Super Reader Week with the 2020 “Readers are Worldwide” T-Shirt! The Wee Warrior logo will cover the globe with “Super Reader Week 2020” outlining the world. The T-shirts will be a light grey cotton material.  To purchase your T-Shirt, turn in the order form below with $12 to the Church Campus office by 3:30 this Friday, October 23. Students who purchase a Super Reader Shirt may wear it to school with jeans on Thursday, November 5.