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The Cottage Hill Christian Academy Hall of Fame was established in 2017. The purpose of the CHCA Athletic Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor former Warrior athletes, coaches, administrators, and supporters who excelled in their respective sports or coaching/support roles. It is also our desire to recognize those who brought honor, recognition, distinction, and excellence to Cottage Hill Christian Academy by their conduct both on and off the field or court of competition. This recognition will help maintain the spirit, pride, and sense of community as well as serve as a historical account of the great athletic traditions of Cottage Hill. 

Eligibility for Nomination:

Athletes are eligible for nomination 10 years after their classes' graduation. They must be in good standing or in special circumstances as determined by the current administration/committee. Athletes must have competed in an AISA/AHSAA-sanctioned varsity sport and must have excelled in said sport. Among the accomplishments taken into account will be individual (all-Area, all-Region, all-State, etc..) and team accomplishments, individual school or team records held, and impact on teams and the overall athletic program at CHCA during their era and accomplishments thereafter.

Nomination is also open to coaches or administrators who have participated with distinction and/or made significant contributions to athletics at CHCA, as evidenced, for example, by the success of their teams and the acknowledgment of their former student-athletes. Such coaches or administrators shall be eligible for nomination beginning five years after they have left CHCA, or in special circumstances as determined by the committee.

As determined by the committee, contributors will also be considered for nomination based on their service and dedication to the athletic programs at CHCA.

Nomination Process:

A candidate may be nominated for Hall of Fame membership by any member of the Warrior community. Formal nomination shall be made using the nomination form. The nomination form must be received by the athletic department. Information relating to a nominee's career statistics, records, achievements, etc. must be supported by accompanying documentation or sources cited so that the information may be verified independently. Once presented as an eligible nominee, a candidate who is not elected shall automatically be reconsidered annually until he/she has been considered for five years. Thereafter, re-nomination may occur at any time. This year's nominations will include individuals from the Class of 2000-2014. Nominations must be submitted by February 29, 2024. The banquet will be held at the Cottage Hill Christian Academy West Campus on April 6, 2024.



CHCA Athletic Hall of Fame Members

Honorary Members

The Lang Family

The Barnett Family

Dr. Grace Pilot

Mr. Bill Schultz

Dr. Christopher Patton

Jack & Barbara Stevens

Mr. & Mrs. Bennie Snow

David Brenes

Jerry McDuffie

Joe Downey

Dr. Greg Jackson

Lonnie Biggs

The Hester Family

Marx Nicholson


Class of 2000

Anna Munn Barnett

Michael Stevens


Class of 2001

Anna Currie

Michael Gibson

Ryan Perdue

Ben Stubblefield


Class of 2002

Deborah Zampieri Fulgham

Caleb Marshall

Katie Kline Munger

Class of 2003

Greg Breland

Jarrod Gibson

Jeff Jacobs

James Robert Shore

Greg Silvester

Stephen Wyatt


Class of 2004

Myles Barton

Matt Bergoon

Brittany Knight Stephens

Stuart Lang

Whitney Williams Cannedy


Class of 2005

Travis Francez

Will Hightower

Israel Hughes

Casey Jones Jefferson

Hunter Swanzy

Lauren Thomas


Class of 2006

Joe Bouler

Van Scott Cagle

Justin Crossley

Will Currie

Mari-Kate Howell Wilson

Class of 2007

Tray Bonner

Ty Dalton

Bragan Jackson

Jill Kimmel Willis

Sean McLaughlin

Myles Minton

Rachel Moen Dugger

Ben Negus


Class of 2008

Kelsey Thomas Aubrey

Robbie Brillhart

Seth Cazalas

Judith Currie

Sarah Cleveland Moen

Nicole Jones Moore

Luke Stanton

Chris Wyatt


Class of 2009

Travis Bowen

Erica Stringfellow Cockrell

Katelyn Hinson

Jessica Palmer Kakish

Barrett Negus

John Lawson

Michael Mason

Judson Perkins


Class of 2010

DD Chatman

Trey Cockrell

Jean Luc Currie

Michael Howell

Connor Smith

Danielle Norris Smith


Class of 2011

Adam Spiller


Class of 2012

Lee Cockrell

TJ Dressler

Ham Holberg

Ashley Howell Nolan

Daulton Jackson

Meredith Parrott

Reid Stauter

Jonathan Stringfellow

Kristen Sayers Phillips

Will Stallings

Colby Verdin

Cody Wyatt

Gabi Oubre